crypto News Herald of the Institution: Celestia attracted $ 55 million, and Stardust – $ 30 million

Herald of the Institution: Celestia attracted $ 55 million, and Stardust – $ 30 million

Herald of the Institution: Celestia attracted $ 55 million, and Stardust – $ 30 million

The cryptocurrency industry is attracted by an increasing number of institutional players. This is evidenced by new investments in infrastructure and more close attention, which companies show to bitcoin as a class of assets. The most important events of the last weeks are in the FORKLOG review.

The Celestia project attracted $ 55 million to launch “modular blockchains”

The CELESTIA FOUNDATION standing behind the development of the project of the same name attracted $ 55 million in the round under the leadership of the Bain Capital Crypto and Polychain Capital.

Among the participants are: Placeholder, Galaxy, Delphi Digital, Blockchain Capital, NFX, Protocol Labs, Figment, Maven 11, Spartan Group, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto and several business angels, including Srinasana Balances and Erica.

Celestia provides customers with modular architecture for the deployment and scaling of “modular blockchains”. The latter, according to the founder of the Mustafa al-Basama project, will become “defining in the next decade of Web3 innovations”.

Celestia supports 26 projects under the Modular Fellows program, which provides mentoring. The created solutions relate to various aspects of the crypto industry, including technologies based on Rollups and Defi applications.

Gaming blockchain platform Stardust attracted $ 30 million

The STARDUST blockchain-IGR tools Provider attracted $ 30 million in the rank of financing series A under the leadership of Framework Ventures with the participation of Acrew Capital, Blockchain Capital and Distributed Globobal.

The company was founded in 2018 by the current CEO Canian Linder. The idea for a startup prompted him by the NFT game Cryptokitties. According to Linder, even with his experience of a programmer and developer, the user interface of the project was “very difficult”.

Stardust seeks to facilitate the development of available virtual games based on blockchains like Soolana and Polygon using cryptocurrencies and NFT.

The company employed 40 people. From the developers of games, she charges a monthly subscription fee for each gamer and a commission for network transactions.

ChainSafe attracted $ 18.8 million to the development of multi-mini-solutions

Chainsafe infrastructure company attracted $ 18.8 million during the round of financing of the series A, headed by the Canadian venture company Round13.

Among other investors: Consensys, Hashkey Capital, NGC Ventures and Digital Finance. Attracted funds will be directed to the further development of the platform.

ChainSafe created in 2017. The company has 120 people from 33 countries. The company initially oriented to Ethereum eventually moved to the multi-minute concept, focusing on creating tools for developers.

One of the Chainsafe projects – Web3.Unity. It is a SDK for connecting the games on the Unity engine to blockchain solutions and cross-bridges. Another product of the company-Ethereum client Lodestar.

The project of the founder of the Indian Exchange Wazirx attracted $ 18.2 million

The developers of the Shardeum blockchain startup focused on a cartridge-startup attracted $ 18.2 million sowing investments when evaluating a project of $ 199 million.

More than 50 investors participated in the round, including Spartan Group, Big Brain Holdings, Jane Street and Foresight Ventures.

Shardeum is headed by the founder of the Indian Exchange Wazirx niche Shetti and blockchain architect Omar Ukrainian security Sad. Developers create a blockchain platform based on Proof-OF-Stake, using dynamic cartoon technology.

The funds attracted during private tokensil are used to increase marketing efforts, expand the developers team and conduct hackathons in India and the USA to create incentives for the development of the ecosystem.

The launch of the main Shardeum network is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. Later, public tokensil is planned.

Uber blockchain-smolate has attracted $ 9 million to decentralize Rydshering

The developer of the Decentralized Engineering Corporation (Dec) software attracted $ 9 million during the sowing round of funding.

It was led by Foundation Capital and Road Capital with the participation of 6th Man Ventures, Common Metal and Business Angels, including Uber ex-managers Josh Mackillene.

Startup developed the TRIP protocol based on SOLANA blockchain. The first application on it was Teleport for the decentralization of Raidshering.

Trip has open source code. The key components of the service, such as dispatching, payment, data verification and dispute resolutions will be available to all network participants.

Attracted financing will allow the DEC to expand the testing of the service, establish new partnerships and encourage the development of the project through hackathons.

In 2023, the startup set a goal to launch Teleport in one of the cities. The project also wants to achieve real decentralization when the protocol management moves from the team to several distributed entities.

Polkadot Tapio Protocol attracted $ 4 million sowing investments

Tapio Protocol on the basis of Polkadot attracted $ 4 million in the sowing round, led by PolyChain Capital, Hypersphere and Arrington Capital.

It also participated in SPARTAN, LONGHASH, 0Xventures, CMS, D1 Ventures, 11-11 DG Partners, Genlock, Valhalla, Paka and Double Peak.

The project developers create a platform of synthetic assets aimed at increasing the efficiency of staining and trading derivatives.

Representatives of Tapio Protocol are convinced that Polkadot derivatives are characterized by fragmentation of liquidity. According to them, the funds raised will be used to solve this problem.

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