crypto News A bill on NFT was submitted to the State Duma

A bill on NFT was submitted to the State Duma

A bill on NFT was submitted to the State Duma

The State Duma of the Russian Federation registered a bill on amendments to the Civil Code fixing the concept of non -replaceable token (NFT).

The document makes changes regarding the expansion of the list of protected results of intellectual activity in the form of NFT.

The latter propose to designate as “an inconsistent token of a unique digital asset (images, video or other digital content or asset) in the form of non -replaceable data stored in the distributed register”.

The initiative is aimed at consolidating the concept of such tokens in the legislation and ensuring the protection of their owners, the explanatory note says:

“It is incorrect to attribute NFT to digital currencies, since they are digital certificates for ownership, that is, they are objects of intellectual property”.

The authors of the bill believe that its adoption will ensure the application of legislative norms in the field of intellectual property protection in relation to NFT.

Previously, a draft law on mining in the Russian Federation was introduced to the State Duma. The Ministry of Finance also develops a document “On digital currency”, which regulates the turnover and release of cryptocurrencies in the territory of the Russian Federation, the activities of exchanges and exchangers.

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