crypto News The trader warned of the likelihood of a “false removal” by bitcoin

The trader warned of the likelihood of a “false removal” by bitcoin

The trader warned of the likelihood of a “false removal” by bitcoin

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A practicing trader and founder of the Crypto Shaman project Vadim Shovkun talks about the current situation on the market.

After viewing for 14.ten.2022 The market received a rollback and began to recover again. There are about two weeks left before the US Senate, but for now, you can evaluate the likely scenarios of the Bitcoin price movement.

S&P 500

The market received a significant rollback and then moved to a logical growth. However, there are still no volumes.

What is currently expected? In the area of ​​the 3920 mark, a serious area of ​​resistance, which the price is unlikely to pass.

Quite logical growth and then Flat lasting 2-4 weeks. Then a decrease with the bottom update

The price continues to remain in a narrow sidewall $ 18 400-20 400. Small growth is still expected against the background of a general positive in the stock market. In addition, the price pierced the descending trend, which was formed 2.5 months. This can give bitcoin an additional impulse.

It is worth saying about market moods in the context of bitcoin.

75% of public analysts are inclined to the fact that the first cryptocurrency has formed the bottom and is ready for serious growth in the area of ​​$ 25,000-30,000.

According to the analysis of 15 paid (VIP) Telegram channels, 86% in favor of growth. Based on the results of the survey (where Bitcoin will come to), those who expect an ascending trend with a serious advantage will win with a serious advantage.

However, metrics, like a financing rate and liquidation schedule, indicate the absence of fuel for growth, as was the case in 2020 or 2021 before the start of a serious rally.

What about?

By bitcoin, revival can only be against the background of positive in the stock market. Growth is expected in the form of a “false removal”, no more – movement in order to collect liquidity and then go under a mark of $ 17,600.

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