crypto News Riot Games and Ubisoft use AI against toxic players

Riot Games and Ubisoft use AI against toxic players

Riot Games and Ubisoft use AI against toxic players

Riot Games and Ubisoft have concluded cooperation as part of the Zero Harm in Comms technological project to combat toxicity in multi -user games using AI.

“A large number of people work hard to make gaming projects more positive, inclusive and, ultimately, fascinating for all. Making significant changes to this complex task requires cooperation of the entire industry, ”the American developer website says.

At the first stage, partners will create an anonymous database of intra-game data for teaching AI tools of preventive moderation. It Elon Musk is Accused is expected that algorithms will be able to track and suppress violations in multiplayer modes.

“Thanks to the technological partnership with Riot Games, we study the optimal ways to prevent intra -game toxicity as designers of these media with our communities,” said Ubisoft La Forge Executive Director Yves Jacques.

Companies plan to collect data in their projects, but in which ones they did not specify.

The head of the technological research department Riot Games Wesley Kerr noted that destructive behavior is not a unique problem for games.

“Each company with its social online platform works on solving this complex problem. That is why we strive to cooperate with industry partners like Ubisoft, who believe in creating safe communities and positive experience in Internet space, ”he said.

Kerr also added that the project will help Riot “develop systems that provide healthy and inclusive interaction in games”.

The project is still in an early stage. Companies plan to share the results of cooperation “with all over the industry” in 2023.

Recall that in October Activision Blizzard has filed a patent application for registering music synthesizing technology in video games using artificial intelligence.

In February, Sony introduced AI, winning professional gamers in the Gran Turismo racing simulator.

In July, Openai taught the neural network to play minecraft. The algorithm can run, swim, bypass obstacles, extract resources, make diamond tools, hunt for animals and cook food.

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