crypto News Iris Energy mining company installed a chirda for ipo over $ 223 million

Iris Energy mining company installed a chirda for ipo over $ 223 million

Iris Energy mining company installed a chirda for ipo over $ 223 million

The Australian Mining Company Iris Energy plans to attract up to $ 223 million during the initial placement of shares (IPO), follows from the updated application in the SEC .

In the previously submitted form, Iris Energy indicated the expected IPO volume of $ 100 million.

According to the specified Prospekt, the company will offer 8,269 231 an ordinary share, waiting for the price of placement from $ 25 to $ 27 apiece.

In Iris Energy, it is calculated that the tenders under the Iren ticer will start on NASDAQ until the end of 2021.

JP Morgan, Canaccord Genuity and Citigroup are underwriters for the IPO of the company. The company offered them an option to purchase an additional 1,240,384 shares at the price of accommodation.

The company attracted during the IPO will direct the business to expand the business, including financing construction and the development of data centers, as well as the purchase of equipment for the production of bitcoin.

The company plan to bring their hashrate to 15.2 eh/s by September 2023, thanks to the long -term agreement with Bitmain on the supply of miners.

The company has a mining center in the Canadian province of British Colombia since January 2020. By 98%, the company uses ecological hydroelectricity. As of October 1, 2021, it had a capacity of 30 MW and generated a hashReit about 0.7 EH/S.

The Date Center in Canada was the first foreign enterprise Iris Energy, which has been mining since 2019. The company plans to expand work in regions with cheap green electricity and has an agreement to buy a number of sites in British Colombia, Texas (USA) and the Asia-Pacific region.

For the third quarter of 2021, adjusted profit before deduction of taxes, interest, wear and depreciation of the IRIS Energy Management amounted to $ 6 million against the indicator of the same period last year of $ 0.02 million.

The company sold all the mined bitcoins and at the end of September did not have cryptocurrency reserves.

Recall that in August before the decision on the IPO, the company submitted to the SEC application for direct listing on NASDAQ.

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