crypto News The Uniswap team requested a $ 74 million community to create Uniswap Foundation

The Uniswap team requested a $ 74 million community to create Uniswap Foundation

The Uniswap team requested a $ 74 million community to create Uniswap Foundation

The Uniswap Labs team submitted a proposal to the community, which involves the creation of a non -profit organization to maintain a growth of decentralized exchange. To implement the initiative, the authors requested $ 74 million.

🦄 Today, I’m Excited to Put Forth a Proposal to Create the Uniswap Foundation with @nkenneth https: // t.Co/J8NPOHQSHK

– Devin Walsh (@devinwalsh) August 4, 2022

The authors of the proposal were the head of the Uniswap Labs personnel department Devin Walsh and the head of the Uniswap Grant Program (UGP) Grants program Kennet NG.

“The Uniswap Foundation (UF) mission is to support decentralized growth and stability of the protocol, its ecosystem and community. […] The organization is the natural development of UGP, which was launched as MVP about 1.5 years ago to maintain an ecosystem growth, ”Walsh wrote.

UF will provide grants to developers, scientists, analysts and other persons engaged in the development of the protocol. According to the authors, the organization will optimize Uniswap management and expand the ecosystem of a decentralized exchange.

The proposal provides for the registration of Uniswap Foundation as a legal entity in the state of Delaware (USA). Walsh will take the CEO chair, NG will become the operating director.

To create the organization, the authors requested $ 74 million from the community:

  • $ 14 million in UNI – operating budget to cover the expenses of a team of 12 people for three years;
  • $ 60 million in UNI – as financing the UGP program.

Separately, Walsh and NG were asked to provide UF 2.5 million UNI tokens ($ 22.8 million at the rate at the time of writing) for “participation in management, mainly through delegation”.

In the case of approval, the funds will go to two tranches. The first, the size of $ 20 million, will cover the needs of the team for two years. The amount also includes annual UGP financing.

Uniswap will pay the second tranche to pay within 6-12 months after registration of UF as a legal entity.

The proposal was supported by the team of the decentralized exchange. The founder of the project Hayden Adams called Walsh and NG “outstanding community participants”. He noted that UF will obey Uniswap Labs and contribute to the development of the protocol.

2/ The Foundation Woup Be Set Up A Steward of the Protocol, Working to Strengthen and Improve it over Time. And What Excates Me Most ABOUT IT ARE THE PEOPLE DRIVING IT, @nkenNETHK and @DEVINAWALSH.

– Hayden.ETH 🦄 (@haydenzadams) August 4, 2022

However, there is another opinion among the participants of the Uniswap community. Cinneamhain Ventures partner Adam Kokran approved UF’s targets, but called the decision at the initial stage to allocate $ 60 million under the grant program.

So I Don’t Mind The Proposal to Create a Uniswap Foundation – And I Think Its Got Decent Planning.

BUT $ 60M to UGP IS Misguided at this Phase.

UNI Grants Program Has Thus Far Deployed ~ $ 7m in Grants So and Its Frankly Been Underwhelming.https: // t.Co/Ri3vnobh6c

– Adam Cochran (Adamscochran.ETH) (@AdamScochran) August 4, 2022

“UGP has still distributed about $ 7 million as grants, and, frankly, the program was not effective enough,” he wrote.

Recall that in April 2022, Uniswap Labs launched a venture unit for investment in Web3.

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