crypto News How to buy land in a meta -combat?

How to buy land in a meta -combat?

How to buy land in a meta -combat?

One of the most attractive real estate markets for investors is not on picturesque coasts or in large cities. It is located in the metavselnaya. The purchase of digital land property is now compared with the purchase of land in New York 250 years ago. Real estate investment in the metavselnaya is not so different from the purchase of property in the real world.

When Facebook announced the change in the name on META in June 2022, signaling its interest in the metavselnaya, the value of digital real estate increased, and, according to Metametrics Solutions, real estate sales may double this year .

What is digital real estate?

Real estate in the metavselnaya is the land for the construction and offsetting of space in the virtual world. In fact, digital land is nothing more than pixels on the computer screen, but its value is growing. So, the sales volume in the virtual world of Decentraland in 2021 exceeded $ 500 million.

In 3D-city, users can imitate real classes, such as shopping, games and work, visiting virtual concerts and conferences. The idea of ​​investing in digital land is that its owner can build a public space for renting or resale at a more favorable price. Of course, investments in metavselnaya are still considered a very risky investment. But why did they become so popular? There are a number of reasons for this.

  • There are only a few developed platforms on which you can buy or sell digital real estate, these include: decentraland, Sandbox, Star Atlas, Nifty Island and Axie Infinity. Each platform has a limited number of plots for purchase.
  • As in the real world, the price depends on the location of the site. Only in this case, the value is measured by the traffic of visits.
  • Companies pay the architect for the design of space and the game developer for its creation.
  • Metavselnaya has tremendous potential for advertising and forming partnerships with brands-digital shopping centers can serve as 3D vigantists such as Amazon or Etsy.

It seems incredible, but in the metavselnaya it is quite possible to build a fully functioning business, and this will need to buy a digital site and its organization. Nike announced Swoosh – the first virtual collection of the brand, which is expected to be launched in January 2023 .

Despite the fact that Web 3.0 is still at an early stage of development, digital anti! The largest of them was organized by the Snoop Dogg repper in Sandbox – a decentralized gaming ecosystem, where players can create, own, share and monetize activity and game experience using their avatar of the metavsa.

How to buy a plot in a meta -combat?

Let’s figure out the issue of the example of one of the largest virtual gaming spaces – Decentraland .

It is important to know that the Earth in the metavselnaya is NFT, and is displayed in the form of an encrypted token on a decentralized wallet. That is why the purchase of digital land begins with the connections of your wallet to the marketplace, similarly to how the wallet is connected to any other NFT marketplace. Read more about NFT in our previous series of articles .

Here’s what the marketplace of land in decentraled looks like. He shows us a card with squares available for purchase. Green squares are Genesis Plazes – the place where the user will appear when he joins the game. Blue squares – available for purchase. The size of the minimum virtual site in Decentraland is 16×16 meters. The price is displayed in the MANA cryptocurrency – the native token site.

Before buying the site, it is possible to look around by clicking on the “Jump in” button you will get to the site you have chosen.

Since digital land is NFT, you can also buy it directly on Opensea. Just find there decentrraland.

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