crypto News How to use cosmos (atom) using the desktop Exodus: Guide for beginners

How to use cosmos (atom) using the desktop Exodus: Guide for beginners

How to use cosmos (atom) using the desktop Exodus: Guide for beginners

Exodus is a simple and convenient multicellular wallet that supports more than 115 different crypto assets. The wallet has functions of a built -in exchange and application (Dapps). Download the wallet program from the official Exodus website and start the installation master. The program will be installed automatically within a minute after starting. There is also a mobile version of the crypto -cutter for iOS and Android.

Now run the wallet file on the desktop. Your wallet will already be created – you do not need to do anything. On the main screen you can track detailed statistics by your assets.

We recommend that you immediately make a backup copy of your wallet so that you can restore your wallet in case of damage to the file system, loss or theft of your PC or other troubles. If you want to miss this step, then immediately move on to the section ” How to top up the Wallet “”.

  1. To create a backup, go to section ” Settings “And select the tab” Backup “”. Then come up with and enter a complex password, then click ” Next “”. Confirm the entered password.
  2. Write down the original phrase consisting of 12 words, observing the sequence. For security reasons, the EXODUS wallet displays the words separately only when the cursor is hung on them.
  3. Now confirm that you correctly recorded the recovery phrase, following the instructions of the wallet.
  4. The backup is completed. Write down your Seed-Fraz on paper and save it.

Now you can add Cosmos tokens to your wallet.

Before starting, get acquainted with our crypto security guide to maintain your assets:

How to replenish your wallet

Go to the main page of your wallet and select the tab ” Wallet “”. Use the search line at the top of the screen to find the desired cryptocurrency and scroll through the list manually.

To add funds to your wallet, press the button ” Receive “, Then copy the address or scan the QR code through the application of another wallet. After the coins are credited to the balance, they will be displayed in the wallet and it will be possible to start steiking.

How to make cosmos bets (atom)

Enter the section ” Wallet “And click the icon” Earn Rewards ” in the top left corner.

The panel that you can use for Atom bets will open. Enter the number of tokens that you want to put manually, or just click the button ” All “To choose the most affordable number of coins. Then click ” Stake atom “”. The transaction network will be displayed directly under the bet button.

At the next stage, Exodus will warn you that the ATOM ATOM ATOM period takes 21 days from the delegation date and that Atom cannot be transferred during stakeing. If you want to continue, click ” OK “And wait for the transaction confirmation. Otherwise, click ” Cancel “”.

If everything goes successfully, Exodus confirms that Cosmos staying is active. To get a reward or unlock your atom, press the corresponding button on the top panel. To put more atom, click ” Earn Atom “”.

As soon as you receive the award, it will appear on the line ” AVAILABLE REVARDS »In the lower part of the screen, and you can immediately pick it up.

How to control the atom steaking through a website

Everstake Everstake has created a convenient tool that allows you to track all your staying transactions on your address, including atom stake, canceling stakeing and rewards, as well as visualize them on the graphs. In addition, you can add several addresses to check them all. All you need to do is to enter the Everstake system.One .

Select Cosmos, enter your address and click ” Add “”.

That’s all! Now you have all the data on the rates at hand. Pressing ” Balance »In the menu on the left, you will receive all the overall information about the balance balance sheet together with the diagram.

To find a detailed report on your ATOM stake transactions, go to Cosmos page and find Cosmos statistics, delegation history and rewarding history, including all the necessary data sorted by added addresses.

Thanks to these reports, you will immediately receive a complete picture of the delegations atom! And you do not need to switch between different wallets and validators with which you are making stakeing.

Validator Everstake wishes you an easy and profitable stake! To find additional atom stake guides, follow the corresponding links on the Everstake Cosmos page in the section ” Step -by -step delegation “”.

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