crypto News The first bank for the crypto business Polybius Bank is being prepared for opening

The first bank for the crypto business Polybius Bank is being prepared for opening

The first bank for the crypto business Polybius Bank is being prepared for opening

On February 28, Polybius What is staking? Foundation announced that Polybius Bank will open in the near future – the first bank specializing in financial services for organizations working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain around the world. Currently, work on the charter and registration of the bank in one of the jurisdictions of the European Union is being completed.

Polybius Bank will provide both traditional banking services for individuals and legal entities using blockchain technologies, and work with cryptocurrency startups and blockchain projects.

Traditional banks are often distrustful of projects related to cryptocurrencies, refuse to maintain or overstate commissions as risky customers. Polybius Bank, founded by people familiar with the specifics of the crypto business, will provide an individual approach and a comfortable environment for businesses working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Among the services provided by Polybius Bank will also be lending secured by cryptocurrencies, the formation of investment portfolios based on cryptocurrencies, identification of a person for the needs of private and state organizations based on blockchain technology.

The co -founder of Polybius Foundation Ivan Turygin explains the need for cryptostarts by the conservative of traditional credit institutions:

“For the first time, we were faced with misunderstanding from traditional banks three years ago, when we were engaged in sales of mining equipment and tried to open an account with an Estonian bank. As it turned out, fear and misunderstanding of cryptotema banks are so great that it was easier for them to refuse, than to understand the issue of distinguishing a legal business from dubious offices ”.

Development of the idea of ​​a bank, friendly for companies operating in the field of blockchain technologies and crypto business, has been conducted since 2016. And at the beginning of 2017, Polybius Foundation was established.

The creation of Polybius Bank participates a large service of cryptocurrency payments Cryptopay, developer of the Hashcoins blockchain solutions, the developer of Ethereum Ambisafe smart contracts in cooperation with leading specialists of the largest banking organizations providing the necessary level of financial examination.

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