crypto News Dogecoin became the second capitalization of Pow Critical

Dogecoin became the second capitalization of Pow Critical

Dogecoin became the second capitalization of Pow Critical

The Dogecoin (Doge) Critical Criticulation (DOGE) reached the second place in capitalization among blockchains on the consensus algorithm Proof-off -work (POW) after Ethereum migration on Proof-OF-Stake (POS).

“Who would have thought that this would happen. Congratulations to the community, ”one of the coin enthusiasts commented on.

With a total market value of about $ 7.9 billion, Dogecoin is significantly lags behind bitcoin – $ 378.2 billion. On the third line of the rating was Ethereum Classic (ETC) with a capitalization of $ 4.66 billion.

A number of experts suggested that it was the latest network that would be the main beneficiary of Ethereum to POS. On September 15, ether developers activated the update of The Merge, and the blockchain successfully migrated to the algorithm.

ETC hashrate hashrate the day after the merger in Ethereum increased from about 65 Th/S to 290 Th/S. The daily growth was almost 350%.

The price of cryptocurrency for this period decreased by 8.56%. Of the leading coins of the Pow-segment, a deeper fall demonstrated Ravencoin (RVN)-18.7%. At the same time, the cryptocurrency chain also won from the influx of ex-maiders of ether, which increased the hashrate approximately twice, up to 21 Th/S.

Competitors for the freed computing capacities Ethereum after The Merge intended to become a POW block of blockchain.

The most famous of such projects, which was initiated by Miner Chandler GO, had problems with the launch of the network. At the time of writing, OKLINK data show activity in a chain with a total volume of transactions per day 3.63 million ETHW.

The Poloniex exchange supported another Fork – Ethereumfair (ETF). The coin over the past 24 hours has lost 86.5% of the cost, the volume of bidding amounted to about $ 417,000 (Coingecko).

ETF quotes are at a level near $ 2.2. ETHW in the form of debt tokens is traded at marks just above $ 13. The price of the ether is $ 1470.

Against the background of Ethereum transition to the POS algorithm, ecologists decided to push bitcoin to a similar step. The non -governmental environmental protection group Environment -Men -Working Group has launched an advertising campaign “Change code and not climate” in the amount of $ 1 million.

Recall that American lawmakers and regulators threatened to ban the first cryptocurrency mining due to the inequality of using the POW algorithm.

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