crypto News What is Bloometa and how a project will affect games on Tezos?

What is Bloometa and how a project will affect games on Tezos?

What is Bloometa and how a project will affect games on Tezos?

But the games have a problem: almost nowhere is it impossible to freely trade in items. Blockchain games are trying to solve it using NFT, but the result is inconvenient for players. And then Bloometa goes on stage.

What does Bloometa want to do

The team took up the main problem of the blockchain-game and the in-game NFT-inorganization of trade. For example, on Tezos, game tokens are always sold first on internal projects of projects, and then players resell them on Objkt.Com.

It is difficult for new players to understand what is happening: where is just JPG, and where is the character, how much is the token really and whether it will benefit. In addition, ordinary NFT marketplaces do not allow you to rent tokens, communicate with sellers and trite to filter game tokens except by the name of the collections. Well, the interface: Mint, List, MIME TYPE, Attributes are confused and newcomers are scared away.

The purpose of the Bloometa team is to develop a specialized multi-marketingplais multi-game NFT, which would solve all problems and unite Web3-Gamers into the community.

Key features Bloometa

Smoking. The selection of projects is necessary so that players get access only to the best games and not sponsor benches or unreliable teams. Games developers will receive another channel to attract users, because Bloometa will use it precisely those interested in Web3 players.

Multichain. Bloometa will support NFT on Tezos and several other EVM blockchains. Such a solution has three pluses:

  • Gamers will rally on one platform;
  • It will be easier to get an audience with new quality games;
  • Developers will be able to produce NFT on several blockchains at once – such a cross -platform.

To fully use multi-ministry, Bloometa plans to launch a cross-bridge for NFT.

OTC trading. Current NFT markets do not allow the NFT to trade directly or exchange tokens, as implemented in centralized multiplayer games. Bloometa wants to make an escrow module with which players will be able to sell NFT addresses from the White List for any assets supported by the site. The escrow will support complex operations like a review period (the deposit made, tested the subject, returned or paid), simultaneously buying NFT for several addresses or exchange of digital assets.

Lunchpad. Since interested players will gather on Bloometa, Web3-IGR developers will be able to collect money to develop the game through the release of exclusive NFT collections and intra-game resources.

$ BLOO. $ BLOO-utility token Bloometa. According to Whitepaper, holders and steakers will receive discounts on the platform commission, participate in the chicken of projects, vote for the development of the platform in DAO and get early access to launaPades.

Conclusions and expectations

The direct influence of Bloometa on Web3 games is the unification of gamers, the NFT cross-chamber and the configured OTC consoles Blockchain: Top . But the launch of Bloometa can indirectly affect the entire blockchain-industrial.

Firstly, it will be easier for ordinary users to find new blockchain games. Now we will learn about the new games on Tezos only on Twitter, and then by chance and some chats, and it is much more convenient to see a list of projects on one site and choose a game to taste.

Secondly, Bloometa can become an infrastructure for creating a crosschain-metaway. There will be support for different blockchains and cross-bridge on the platform-so why not add 3D avatars and voice chat there? We hope someone will do so.

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