crypto News Waymo turned robotax into mobile weather stations

Waymo turned robotax into mobile weather stations

Waymo turned robotax into mobile weather stations

Waymo, owned by Alphabet, taught robo cars to create real-time weather maps to improve taxi services in Phoenix and San Francisco (USA).

“We describe our Robokars as mobile weather stations. That is how they function, ”said Daniel Rotenberg, member of the Waymo meteorological group.

The technology gives the company a more detailed idea of ​​weather conditions than the relevant stations at airports, radars and satellites.

Waymo has already created a “first one of its kind” map of fogs for San Francisco. It is a union of millions of data points collected by robokars when crossing the city streets.

Using the map, the Waymo fleet can track the spread of coastal fogs flowing from the Pacific Ocean, and their disappearance with the sun. Unmanned drones are also able to determine frozen and small rains in situations invisible to the local radar of the US National Meteorological Service.

“We in real time understand the actual weather conditions that affect our cars in a really hyperlock context. This was not before, ”said Rotenberg.

Waymo said the drones are already “pretty good” functioning in a light fog.

Expanding the possibilities of forecasting and making decisions with a large amount of hyperlocal data, the company expects that robotaxi will become even more effective in difficult weather conditions in the near future.

Recall that in November, Waymo allowed to charge a fee for the operation of robbers without drivers in San Francisco (USA). For the commercial deployment of completely unmanned taxi of the company, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the Commission on the Communal Services of California.

In October, it became known that Waymo plans to launch robotils in Los Angeles (USA). Company representatives have already begun to collect cartographic information in the city.

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