crypto News Virus – the first form of life of metavselnaya outside a person. Part I. Description

Virus – the first form of life of metavselnaya outside a person. Part I. Description

Virus – the first form of life of metavselnaya outside a person. Part I. Description

More precisely, maybe not the first, but definitely significant. More precisely-this is one of the forms of life that does not depend on a person and which at the same time in the world near-the-virtual develops and for more than a year and not even the first 10 years. I’ll try to tell about this in more detail, and then – turn to the issues of urgent: security, business and future.

Quotes and meanings

This time I will start not with architecture, not with theory, not with history even more so – not from practice, but from quotes, because it is very important to understand the context.

And the first to choose a part of the speech of my respected physicist-theoretic and the great mind of our time-with. Hawking: “It seems to me, Computer viruses should be considered as a form of life . This speaks a lot about the nature of man: the only form of life that we created to the present moment is only destroyed. We create life in the image and likeness of our “. Nowhere in my head have been talked on paraphrase? Then I remind you: “I want to share the theory that I recently created. I was engaged in the classification of biological species and came to the conclusion that you are not mammals. After all, all the animals of the planets Earth instinctively adapt, find balance with the habitat, but … a person is not like that. Having occupied some kind of site, you multiply until all natural resources are exhausted. To survive, you have to capture more and more new territories. There is one organism on Earth with a similar habits. You know which one? Virus . Humanity – this is disease , The cancer tumor of the planet, and we are a medicine, ”said Agent Smith from the great trilogy“ Matrix ”. Let me remind you that he was just a virus and was.

But don’t think that that’s all. Now a quote from Nolanovsky “Beginning” (one that is actually “implementation”): “What The most tenacious parasite ? Bacterium? Virus? Intestinal Galler? Idea . She is tenacious and extremely infectious. It is worth taking the idea of ​​taking a brain, getting rid of it is almost impossible. I mean the formed idea, fully conscious, settled in my head ”.

I think the quotes can be given a few more, but for now – we will finish both this and turn to the fundamental.

Technical and historical basis

You know what an eclipse attack is?

“During a superficial consideration, an eclipse attack may seem like an attack by Sivilla . Although they have a certain similarity – the attacker will distribute fake feasts on the Web – the final goals are different. The purpose of the eclipse attack is a single node. While the attack of Sivilly is a common system, designed to use inaccurate information in the system of reputation of the protocol “. You can read more about such attacks, say, here, but so far it is enough for us to understand that they are, exist and are quite real.

But what happens with such an attack: “The attacker seeks to ensure All victim compounds were carried out according to the nodes controlled by the attacker . He surrounds the target controlled by IP addresses, to which the victim is likely to join when the software restarts. Restored can be either forced (for example, using DDOS attacks on the target), or due to arbitrary circumstances, then the attacker simply waits ”.

I will ask the same question: “Nothing reminds of anything?”.

And I will continue with excerpts from the description: “If a separate node accepts the transaction without confirmation, then it is at risk of double expenses . The transaction can be broadcast, but until it is included in the block (and then not included in the blockchain), the sender can easily create a new transaction that uses the same funds somewhere else. If the new transaction has a commission more, the miner will probably include it before the present, thereby canceling the previous one ”. [On the history of the confrontation – can be found by link].

  1. The attack is not just real,
  2. She can cause damage to any participant P2P networks,
  3. But the main thing is that it is in it that the hypothesis of a draw can work out to the fullest.

And who can realize it? Of course the virus: “Recently, once again fought with the algorithm, playing checkers on a smartphone, and found the problem of the interaction of man and AI. The fact is that the game algorithms were tuned in such a way as to win. When it was a clear draw, the exhausting process began – the same type of moves in a circle. And after 40 such iterations, my brain was tired, but the computer was all the same – for that it is a computer. It seems to me that such situations, When the car is still , And a person must mobilize all his endurance, patience and other related qualities, will be extremely many. Take at least Siri or Alice. More than once I heard how they are mistaken about the speech appeals of their “owners”. And in the end – irritation. But no matter how the assistants apologize, they do not experience emotions. No. Therefore, we have to state that In the vast majority of cases, with a “draw”, robots have a clear advantage . And this is only one of the few features of psychology and, possibly, AI psyche ”.

You can not oppose this to this:

  1. Heuristic analysis (better – synthesis, but so far this can be a person, but not AI);
  2. Chronocapsules and other temporary methods;
  3. Manual solution to problems;
  4. Other methods.

And although the list is open – it is not very long. And so now I will move on to the newest part of the study.

NFT and viruses

So, Bitcoin was the first cash for robots: those that exactly cash And namely money Outside the human economy. For a classical economy, this is nonsense: after all, it is a product of human activity. In the world web 3.0, or rather, worlds, this is not the case.

Then a natural but digitized exchange appeared-tokenization, as a result of which, in addition to interchangeable tokens (ERC-20 and others), tokens were born non-interchangeable (for example, ERC-721) and mixed (say, ERC-1155).

And here interesting stories begin to appear.

For the purpose of the study, we will accept the fact that the computer virus and worm are different life forms, but they can be synthesized into one (and most often it is): the viruses often take polymorphism from worms: “Polymorphism is to form a malicious program code. programs “on the fly” – already during execution, while the procedure itself forming the code should also not be constant and is modified with each new infection. Often, the change in the code is achieved by adding operators who do not change the program of the program code (for example, the NOP operator), as well as the possibility of self -extension inside the networks .

But now imagine that such a polymorphic, equipped with attributes not only of steaganography and cryptography, but also tempography, Cherve virus [HF] (Once again: I deliberately synthesize species and this is extremely important!) – So he has … not only cash (BTC, ETH, ETC.), but also different project tokens (say, he received them with a dull brutfort and/or not trivial attacks on an Airdropic campaign), and most importantly-he himself sewed in NFT, which for some reason wants to purchase a user: even more precisely-more precisely- HF uses the effect of self -power and the holographic effect to replicate itself in different NFT, which, moreover, are also provided by the very BTC/ETH/etc.

What will we get?

We will get an extremely greedy, greedy creature that will want one thing: endlessly earn new digital cash in order to propagate and save again and again.

Not bad? Fantastic? Well, let’s evaluate the risk model.

Prospects and risks

Firstly, there are no contradictions at the architecture level:

  1. Viruses/worms exist;
  2. Polymorphism and other properties are quite commonplace;
  3. Bota can definitely earn on smart contracts and can sometimes be better than a person;
  4. Algorithms (and these are not only trading itself, but also derivatives, algorithmic stablecoins, AMM and other DAO/DEX/DeFI structures) are always better perceived by algorithms;
  5. In the end, at a primitive level, all this already exists: the same trading bots; bots in the collection of digital habra in games, which in the era of Gamefi simply received a new birth; sniper-bots for liquidity and others.

Secondly, attacks on (d/l) pos family and tempography in its negative way are also a reality: here you are stopping time in Solana and freezing Polkadot & Avalanche and all similar malfunctions over the past 6-18 months.

Thirdly, if you do not believe in the survivability of the holes and their (floor) autonomous mode of operation-just turn on the unnecessary axis on the network and configure the protozoa of the traffic: Hanipot will very soon awake the Malvary of the most different sizes and dangers. It is best if it is Win XP/7/Vista, but any modern.

Therefore, if AI is in the chronic capsule-channel-good, then such a charged HF is something extremely strange, and sometimes dangerous. Let me remind you in connection with another quote (Harari): “Homo sapiens conquered the world because it had such a unique tool as language”. So: the language as one of the ways to increase the levels of offline helps to develop a person as a species, and the viruses have a different feature: they communicate in a language that most people are not clear, but this language is natural for other inhabitants of Web 3.0 worlds – for machines, robots (script and “iron”), programs, etc.D.

Simply speaking: the virus was previously dangerous because he worked directly with the world of man through the world of cars, and now he can become an extremely strange creature that lives only in the twilight zone – where there is no person at all. Say, in Deepnet IT (or even on its dark side).

In general – this does not contradict the theory of evolution, for example: on the contrary – directly follows from it. After all, colonizing new and new worlds, we are constantly faced with new and new views. Why is the colonization of the virtual worlds was an exception: confused reality and the economy of the act – paradise for HF.

At the same time, its functionality may not be so great, but – effective:

  1. The first thing that is important is Possession of a private key , Say in the Ether ecosystem:
  1. Thanks to the reversible encryption, obstruction of the code and other simple features – the HF can hide the privateer from someone/anything;
  2. Using bridges-can gradually move to other micro-worlds-DRS (decentralized and/or distributed systems);
  3. As already written, participation in Airdrop-Ah (in an improved form-through Bug-Bounty) gives him more and more new means for development, but it can also be other incentives: let’s say-search for crypto-layers.
  1. Checking the unprincipled environment that you can work in it: the NF has long learned to determine whether they are in the environment of a virtual machine or in the “true” Internet / on the local PC, etc.D.
  2. Plus, the HF should “understand” that it is valuable to leave as many copies of “yourself” as possible ”. You can through some unique signature: a magic number is not about alchemy. Yes, this is how the probability of antivirus databases increases, but we are now talking about a world where there are no people, and therefore antiviruses. However, to encrypt the signature – no one also prohibits.
  3. Further steps can be complicated: say, look for new secluded places, settling only in those environments where a priori there are the right number of errors (7 out of 10, for example).
  1. So he will be able to accurately calculate his “copies”;
  2. But the main thing is to receive another sales tool (good – there are already enough protocols): while the sale of “copies” will not set up under the blow of the ancestor.

Perhaps it is difficult for you to perceive it, but only a small selection of quite poppy examples:

They can do a lot of the described: they just did not have tools (namely, because they already had tools) that would give them food for the next releases.

After all, no one doubts that if there is a neural autonomous network, which, for example, writes smart contracts, that the secured or even “rich” HF will be able to contact it for upgrade?

The last quote for today: “The foundations of the theory of self -reproducing mechanisms were laid by the American of Hungarian origin John von Neumann, who in 1951 proposed a method of creating such mechanisms. The first publication dedicated to the creation of self -reproducing systems is the article L. FROM. Penrose co -authored with his father, Nobel laureate in physics R. Penrose, about self -reproducing mechanical structures, published in 1957 by the American magazine Nature. In this article, along with examples of purely mechanical constructions, a certain two -dimensional model of such structures capable of activation, capture and release was given ”. That is, viruses were born at the same time, when and: the first hackers, banking cards and even an artificial Earth satellite and turquoise organizations!

We are just used to the fact that viruses are recently, but also used to the fact that viruses are evil. In fact, the viruses are one of the main elements of our evolution: I once read about this in the old book and since then the theme of this kingdom has occupied me more and more.

Actually, the described above is nothing more than a fantasy on the topic of armored viruses: with the only important note that a fantasy based on my own experience of working with P2P systems and designing the future through the side trends.

Therefore, next time we continue, but for now – we will complete.

Metavselnaya – House for everyone

RR (reality) + VR (virtual reality) + AR (Augmented reality) + MR (mixed reality) = confused reality, which is full of interesting creatures and it is important to know where exactly they live.

It is common for a person to etch insects from the house, and keep the most obedient species of animals – cats, dogs, pigs, cows and similar. But at the same time. Wells not without reason to us reminded us that even the most tiny creatures can determine the fate of the planet: and is it worth reminding this in 2020-2021., when Covid became the problem No. 01 for everyone and immediately?

HF – not just a fiction, fiction, fantasy, abstraction – no, this is a real, living element of any metavselny that is part of the confused reality. At the same time, thanks to the development of mining, pharmacy and stayking as the basic elements of capital earnings in the economy, the HF can receive a second wind and even a whole rebirth. And to know about it is better today: they are as real as we are. We just began to step on virtual worlds from offline, but they are vice versa: they lived in virtuality to once get acquainted with those who live on the other side of the watchman.

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