crypto News Vestnik Defi: TVL resumed growth, and the European Commissioner asked for help with the regulation of Defi

Vestnik Defi: TVL resumed growth, and the European Commissioner asked for help with the regulation of Defi

Vestnik Defi: TVL resumed growth, and the European Commissioner asked for help with the regulation of Defi

The decentralized finance sector (Defi) continues to attract increased attention of cryptocurrency investors. FORKLOG collected the most important events and news of the last weeks in digest.

The main indicators of the Defi segment

The volume of blocked funds (TVL) in Defi protocols increased to $ 56.26 billion. The leader became MakerDao with an indicator of $ 8.24 billion, and the second and third lines of the rating hold LIDO ($ 7.98 billion) and Curve ($ 6.07 billion), respectively.

TVL in Ethereum applications grew to $ 32.44 billion. Over the past 30 days, the indicator has increased by 4% (October 5, the value amounted to $ 31.12 billion).

The volume of trading on decentralized exchanges (DEX) over the past 30 days amounted to $ 38.4 billion.

Uniswap continues to dominate the non -keastodial exchanges market – it accounts for 71.1% of the total turnover. The second DEX in terms of bidding – Dodo (9.9%), the third – Curve (8.8%).

The European Commissioner called on the crypto industry to help with the regulation of Defi

Participants in the cryptocurrency industry should help the European authorities in creating a regulatory environment for the Defi sector in order to get “excellent solutions” in the end. This was stated by the adviser for technological innovation and cybersecurity of the European Commission Peter Kerestns.

“We need to more creatively approach how decentralized finances can be reflected in legal concepts, if necessary,” he said.

Kereste urged the community to participate in the dialogue with the authorities and make its proposals. According to him, the European Commission “many bad ideas” regarding the regulation of the sector.

1inch and Revolut launched a training course for beginners in Defi

1inch Defi project has united with the Revolut financial company for launching the training and earn training course.

According to representatives of the project, the initiative is aimed at those who are just starting to get acquainted with decentralized finances.

It will allow you to expand the understanding of the sphere and help to form the future experience of users in a simple, fascinating and effective way ”.

The course was launched as part of the educational program Revolut. It consists of three lessons that reveal the basics necessary to start interacting with Defi:

  • how decentralized exchanges work;
  • What are the advantages of the Pathfinder algorithm;
  • How the Tao management is carried out.

Successful training is rewarded with 1inch tokens.

The hacker deduced $ 15.8 million from Defi Protocol Team Finance

The unknown used the vulnerability in Team Finance Defi Protokol and brought cryptocurrency assets to $ 15.8 million.

According to PeckShield experts, the attacker used a bug in the functions of tokens migration. He sent real liquidity from Uniswap V2 to new pairs at the third version of the protocol with a “distorted” price, returning “huge profits”.

To implement the attack, it took him only 1.76 eTH worth ~ $ 2730 at the time of writing. The attacker transferred funds from the automated crypto -tank Fixedfloat.

As a result, the unknown brought out of Uniswap V2:

  • ~ $ 15.4 million in Hunters Dream (CAW) tokens;
  • ~ $ 1.7 million in dejitaru tsuka (TSUKA);
  • ~ $ 2.6 million in Weth.

The Team Finance team confirmed the incident and stated that the function used by the attacker was an audit. The developers began the investigation and invited the hacker to discuss the return of funds for the remuneration.

Also on FORKLOG:

  • Compound Defi Protocol has suspended the support of ZRX, BAT, MKR and YFI tokens.
  • MakerDao will place a third of 1.6 billion USDC in Coinbase Prime.
  • Report: Steiblcoins began to be more actively used in Defi services.

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