crypto News In the United States, meat processing plants use AI to control employees

In the United States, meat processing plants use AI to control employees

In the United States, meat processing plants use AI to control employees

American meat concerns JBS and Tyson Foods invested in an application based on artificial intelligence for smart hours, which allows to track the movements of employees. Investigate midwest writes about this.

The developer of the tool Mentore claims that the system uses AI observations and technology data to increase the efficiency of staff and reduce the level of injuries at the workplace.

After conjugation with compatible smart hours, the application using sensors collects information about strength, rotation, speed and direction of movement of the human hand when performing monotonous operations. After analyzing the data, the system determines the level of security of these actions and warns the employee if he does everything too quickly or applies a lot of strength.

The co -founder of the startup Apurva Kiran said that the tool may also detect dehydration.

Then the application in real time converts unprocessed data into metric, visible to supervisers on the information panel.

Perhaps Mentore intends to deal with the uncertainty and problems of transparency in relation to the tool, providing staff with access to their current and past indicators of the “risk of injuries”. However, it is unclear whether employees can do anything directly on smart watches to challenge this information.

The application can also distinguish between intense and moderate active movements. According to the Mentore website, collecting this kind of data will “increase real -time performance and safety”.

Due to constant fast and repeated work, meat processing plants are one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Employees often receive injuries from rutin and overvoltage of varying severity, including amputation of the limbs.

Executive Director of Venceros Magali Likolly that many of her customers who worked at Tyson Foods are well known to the dangers associated with productivity requirements at the factory.

“Everything introduced at the meat processing plant is beneficial to the enterprise itself, not personnel. Now companies use technologies to monitor employees to see how much they can take on their shoulders, ”she said.

According to the publication, the application has already been installed on about 10,000 devices in five industries in Canada, the USA, Chile and Japan.

“In addition to surveillance and invasion of private life, there is a real problem of safety and health,” said Mark Lauritsen, international vice-president of the united trade union of food and commercial industry workers (UFCW).

According to him, the requirement for employees to wear hours or other jewelry is a violation of labor protection and safety rules, and can lead to injuries at the workplace and damage to products.

Lauritsen also added that in the case of coercive personnel, use the Mentore device in factories that fall under the jurisdiction of UFCW, they will resist.

“We will not allow the needs of management in more money and performance to jeopardize the life and health of people,” he said.

Recall that in October, the giant giant Caesars Entertainment and the REIT-corporation SL Green Realty proposed expanding observation drones and installing AI cameras on Times Square.

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