crypto News IHK called the exact date of Vasil activation on Cardano

IHK called the exact date of Vasil activation on Cardano

IHK called the exact date of Vasil activation on Cardano

IOHK developers announced the date of the VASIL hardform activation on the main network of Cardano – September 22.

Vasil Upgrade: Date Confirmed 💪
Following The Successful Comples & Extensave Testing of All Core Components, Plus Confirmed Community Readines, We Along with @cardanostolt Can Today 22nd September for the #vasil Upgrade on The. 🧵 $ ada

– Input output

Vasil is the largest Cardano update, which should lead to an increase in the capacity of the network, a decrease in the cost of transactions and increase safety.

Harder will also add new functions to the Plutus system for application developers.

The team expects a smooth technical transition without failures and breaks in the production of blocks. Users do not need to take any action.

The update is named after the deceased ambassador Cardano, who planted more than 10,000 trees during his life.

To activate updating, including 25 cryptocurrency exchanges, which provide about 80% of ADA liquidity, have updated their systems. It is also necessary that 75% of the blocks be created by nodes with a new version of.

Initially, Vasil was planned to be activated at the end of June 2022, but the date was postponed to the next month. In July, the developers updated the dummy and again postponed the hard fork.

Recall, Cardano took 26th place among 600 global brands in the rating of the emotional attachment of consumers from the MBLM agency. Bitcoin was 30 positions, Uniswap and Solana – 261 and 265, respectively.

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