crypto News The SOLANA network restarted after a large -scale failure

The SOLANA network restarted after a large -scale failure

The SOLANA network restarted after a large -scale failure

The SOLANA Valina Valida community has successfully completed the restart of the beta version of the main network. New blocks did not go out in it for more than sixteen hours.

“Dapps, blocks of blocks and auxiliary systems will recover over the next few hours until the full functionality of the network,” the developers wrote.

Restanus occurred after updating according to NOD to version 1.6.25.

September 14 at about 16:00 (Moscow time) SOLANA blockchain stopped release blocks. The founder of the project Anatoly Yakovenko said that the network resources were exhausted as a result of an attack by spam transaction.

“The SOLANA network is faced with a greater increase in the transaction load, which has reached 400,000 TPS at the peak . These transactions overwhelmed the process of processing, and the lack of priority of critical messages led to the fact that the network began to branch, ”the developers explained.

According to them, this led to excessive memory consumption, as a result of which some nodes turned off.

The analyst The Block Larry Chermak the day before suggested that SOLANA validators were faced with a lack of RAM, especially those with not more than 128 GB.

Against the background of a malfunction, the price of SOL token with levels of about $ 160 in the moment fell to $ 142.39 (Kraken Exchange). However, as the situation develops, the coins have recovered to the previous values.

Recall that in March 2021, many hours of blocking of blocks occurred on the Stellar network.

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