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Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has introduced an updated brand strategy, as a result of which the platform will abandon the official name Huobi Global. This was reported by FORKLOG representatives of the project.

GNOSIS SAFE attracted $ 100 million and rebranded

The SAFE digital asset controls, previously known as GNOSIS SAFE, attracted $ 100 million during the round of strategic financing.

The Tendermint company developed Cosmos has changed the name to IGNITE

The Tendermint company rebranded in IGNITE behind the development of the COSMOS project, since one of the co -founders used the original name for its new initiative.

Binance Smart Chain is renamed BNB Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem will rebrand BNB Chain. This was reported by FORKLOG representatives of the project.

OKEX Bitcoin-Birzha conducted rebranding

OKEX digital assets exchange changed the brand to emphasize the development of the Crypto industry and the Web 3 ecosystem.0.

Free Ton was renamed Evescale

Free Ton Managing Council voting approved a proposal to rename the project in Evescale. Ton Crystal native coin will receive the name of the same name (ticer Ever).

Bitcoin Cash ABC developers announced rebranding and transition to Proof-OF-Stake

The Bitcoin Cash ABC project team announced rebranding and transition to a POS-algorithm for reaching a consensus from Avalanche, which will allow users to participate in stakeing and quickly carry out transactions.

B2BROKER liquidity and technology provider has updated branding and transferred the site to the B2BROKER domain.Com

In early October, the liquidity and technology provider for cryptocurrency and brokerage companies B2BROKER rebranded and updated the B2BROKER website.Com. This was reported in the press release of the company.

The SEED CX estimated infrastructure supplier attracted funding and rebranded

The supplier of the estimated infrastructure of Zero Hash (the former name Seed CX) attracted an unnamed amount during the round of financing of the C series C, reports The Block.

LocaleThereum rebranded and became a competitor to Localbitcoins

LocaleThereum P2P platform has changed the name for Localcryptos to support a larger number of cryptocurrencies starting with bitcoin.

Slush Pool operator announced the rebranding of his services

Slush Pool mining pool operator and developer of software solutions to Braiins Systems reported rebranding. The corresponding letter was posted on Medium.

As part of the rebranding, cryptocurrency Litecoin changed the logo

Litecoin cryptocurrency, which, by analogy with bitcoin, is also often called “digital silver”, announced rebranding, in which she introduced a new visual logo.

The company from Hong Kong conducts blockchain-rewarding, despite the millionth losses on cryptocurrency investments

Global Energy Resources International Group Energy Company, despite the losses of cryptocurrency investments measured in millions of dollars, announced a rebranding, in which its new name will indicate a connection with the blockchain-industrial. This is reported by Coindesk.

Bitrefill announced rebranding, as well as changing the name to Shitrefill

The popular Bitrefill mobile phone replenishment service was rebranding, changing the name to Shitrefill. The company reported on this, on April 1, in its blog.

Chilean cryptocurrency exchange SURBTC conducted rebranding

SURBTC Latin American Exchange announced rebranding. From now on, the trading platform is called Buda.Com.

Blockchain startup Blockai conducted rebranding

California blockchain startup Blockai announced the receipt of $ 950,000 investments and simultaneous rebranding: the company will continue to work called Binded. This is written by Cryptocoinsnews.

The Daylight team rebrand the project

Russian philosopher-freeologist Alexander Boldachev announced the rebranding of the Daylicht project, whose member of the team he is. This statement was made on Alexander’s page on the social network Facebook.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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