crypto News We distribute 400,000 CMP traders!

We distribute 400,000 CMP traders!

We distribute 400,000 CMP traders!

In honor of this event, we offer a prize fund for 400,000 CMP. To get your share, just sell with CMP on the spot.

🗓 Dates: 10:00 UTC, September 20, 2022. – 10:00 UTC, October 4, 2022.

You will receive 200 CMP if you are one of the first 2000 users who will reach a sumar of a salary on a spot of 5000 CMP on Bybit during the promotion period.

And right now you can enjoy sporting trading with a zero commission!The awards will be distributed in the order of the queue, so trading CMP and get your award right now!

Terms and Conditions:

– Within the framework of this event, when calculating the trading volume, only transactions from CMP on the spot are counted. The total trading volume is understood as the total amount of spot transactions of the purchase and sale of CMP for the period of the event.

– when calculating the awards, only transactions made during the period of the event will be taken into account.

– transactions on Subakkount will not be taken into account within the framework of this event.

– Winners will be notified of awards by e -mail. The awards will be credited to the Sports Account within 30 working days from the end of the event.

– Bybit reserves the right to cancel the participation of any persons who will be seen in dishonest or fraudulent actions during the event, including mass accounting of accounts for additional bonuses and any other actions related to illegal, fraudulent targets.

– Bybit reserves the right to change the conditions of this event without prior notice to users.

– Bybit reserves the right to final interpretation of the results of the event. If you have questions, contact the support service.

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