crypto News Poloniex announced the launch of a new trading engine

Poloniex announced the launch of a new trading engine

Poloniex announced the launch of a new trading engine

As a result of updating the trading system, the time of information on Poloniex was reduced by 30 times. Representatives of the Crypto -Roster told FORKLOG about this.

The throughput of the platform has grown 10 times, and the waiting time between sending and accepting applications has decreased by five times.

The exchange also processed the final points of the API and expanded the possibilities for algorithmic trade.

The new engine uses the architecture of microservice: information about the markets, orders and assets of users process independent modules. Thanks to this approach, the breakdown of one component will not affect the work of the rest.

Microservices support cluster deployment and automatic scaling of the system. Poloniex employees will be able to distribute the load on the modules with a sharp increase in traffic and carry out technical work without stopping trade.

The Cryptocurrency developers also added new functions to the trading interface:

  • Market and Stop-Market orders;
  • eight additional timeframes from minute to month;
  • expanded search by trade couples;
  • Access to the “elected” tokens for unregistered users.

Poloniex is one of the oldest crypto -streaks in the world. The site supports spot and futures trading for 400 cryptocurrencies and serves users from around the world.

We will remind, earlier the co -owner of Poloniex and the founder of Tron Justin San said the platform will continue to hire employees despite the bear market.

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