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The American congressmen asked to check the unmanned driving technologies imported from China for threats of national security.

In China, Hacker was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison for stealing 383 ETH

The People’s Court of the city of Shanzhao of the province of Guangsi sentenced the Hacker, who stole over 383 ETH from the victim’s phone with Trojan.

Until 2026, China will release 25 million VR harp

Chinese authorities published a national development industry development plan, which implies 25 million appropriate devices for more than $ 48 billion up to 2026.

China’s Central Bank indicated the importance of confidentiality when developing a digital yuan

The People’s Bank of China, when developing a digital yuan (E-CNY), should provide a “thin balance” between confidentiality and the fight against illegal activities. This was stated by the manager of the regulator and Gan, writes Bloomberg.

Arthur Hayes allowed China to return to crypto industry through Hong Kong

Former CEO Bitcoin-Birzhi Bitmex Arthur Hayes spoke about the possibility of China’s return to the digital asset industry using Hong Kong.

In the United States, two KNR scouts were accused of bribing a civil servant of bitcoins

The US prosecutor’s office in absentia brought to two Chinese intelligence officers a charge of bribing a civil servant to obstruct justice. The amount amounted to approximately $ 61,000 in bitcoin.

China offered an “Asian digital currency” as opposed to the dollar

Researchers from the Chinese State Institute have put forward the idea of ​​a general Asian digital currency to reduce the dependence of the region’s economies on the US dollar. This is reported by SCMP.

The volume of transactions with digital yuan exceeded $ 14 billion

At the end of the summer of 2022, the accumulated volume of transactions with E-CNY reached 100.04 billion yuan (~ $ 14 billion), according to the People’s Bank of China.

China showed the landing of armed robops with a drone

A video appeared on the network how the Chinese drone transports four -legged robops equipped with a weapon mount.

The United States introduced restrictions on the supply of AI chips to China

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden published a set of export control measures aimed at banning the supply of advanced American chips to China.

Media: the USA will expand the restrictions on the export of AI-Chips to China

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden plans to submit a new set of restrictions aimed at blocking China access to AI-Chips.

In Beijing, bus drivers were obliged to wear “mood” bracelets

Beijing authorities obliged drivers of long -distance buses to wear electronic bracelets with technology for recognizing emotions to monitor their spiritual state.

Video cards in China fell sharply after The Merge

In China, the prices for graphic processors (GPU), often used for Ethereum mining, sharply decreased after the transition of the second-capitalization of cryptocurrency to the consensus algorithm Proof-OF-Stake (POS). About this writes South China Morning Post.

93 suspects of laundering $ 5.5 billion through cryptocurrencies were detained in China

The Bureau of Public Security of the Henyan district revealed the case of the criminal group “9.15 “, engaged in money laundering through cryptocurrencies.

The US announced the need to launch CBDC to compete with China

China’s efforts in the work on digital Yuan (e-cny) can adversely affect the United States economy and deprive the dollar of the status of the world backup currency. This conclusion was brought to the participants in the Committee on Financial Services of the House of Representatives of the United States.

China will expand the testing of a digital yuan into four provinces

Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Habei, Jiangsu and Guangdong will begin testing the digital yuan (e-cny). This was written by South China Morning Post with reference to the deputy manager Fan Ifay.

Chinese image generator subjected political censorship

The text converting algorithm into images of Baidu Ernie-Vilg forbade creating content that falls under political censorship in China.

The lawyer pointed out the legality of the ownership of cryptocurrencies in China

Despite the repressions against the crypto industry, the Chinese authorities did not ban the possession of digital assets. This was stated by the founder of the Law Firm Lesperance & Associates David Lesperans in an interview with Cointelegraph.

Experts: China can win the AI-Gonka until 2030

Until 2030, China will intercept global technological leadership among the United States and allies. This was stated by experts of the project of special competitive research in the national security commission on AI.

Media: the United States will tighten control over the export of AI-Chips to China

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden will expand the restrictions on the export of chips to China used for artificial intelligence and production of microcircuits.

Media: China will quickly create an alternative to NVIDIA and trace

The US ban on export to China of the NVIDIA and AMD flagship chips with artificial intelligence will create new opportunities for local companies.

The China began the fight against copyright violations when creating NFT

The National Copyright Administration of the PRC intends to tighten the punishment for the unauthorized use of other people’s works to create NFT.

Beijing presented a plan for innovation and the development of metavselnaya

The authorities of Beijing sent to district institutions and committees “The Action Plan for Innovation and the Development of Metavselnaya” for 2022-2024. The purpose of the document is to assist the development of Web3 and industries associated with the segment.

Guanzhou buses were allowed to pay digital yuan

The authorities of Guangzhou provided public transport passengers with the opportunity to pay for the passage of digital yuan (e-cny). This is reported by local media.

Chinese technical gigants transferred data on algorithms to the authorities

China’s technological giants shared the details of their algorithms with the regulatory authorities of the country.

12,000 accounts for cryptocurrency advertising were blocked in China’s social networks

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced the blocking of 12,000 accounts on social networks that were promoting cryptocurrencies and attracting investors.

The Supreme Court of China allowed AI to make sentences

China involved AI to “improve” the judicial system recommending verdicts developing documents and warning about “human errors” in decisions.

The court in China recognized the illegal salary in USDT

In China, employers cannot pay employees a salary in stablecoins like USDT. The corresponding decision was issued by the People’s Court of the Chaoyan (Beijing) district, reports the Beijing Daily news agency.

In China, AI was created to evaluate the loyalty of members of the Communist Party

Researchers from China developed artificial intelligence, “reading thoughts” of members of the Communist Party (CPC) and determining their loyalty.

Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent will introduce KYC for NFT buyers

Chinese technological giants Tencent, Baidu, JD.Com, Ant Group and others accepted the “Self-discipline initiative” to combat speculations on the NFT market.

Hackers announced a leak of data from 1 billion citizens of China. The base was estimated at 10 VTS

Unknown people put up a base for sale, which supposedly contains information about a billion of China citizens, for 10 VTS (more than $ 190,000 at the time of writing).

The co-founder of the Chinese blockchain platform called Bitcoin the Ponzi scheme

Unregulated cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are the “largest Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind”. This is the opinion of CEO Red Date Technology and the co -founder of BSN Hefan expressed in his article for the newspaper The PEOPLE’S DAILY.

WeChat will block accounts associated with the promotion of cryptocurrencies and the sale of NFT

The WeChat communication system owned by the Chinese technological giant Tencent has a ban on NFT secondary trade, and also announced "punishments" for related accounts in accounts. This is reported by South China Morning Post.

Anti -oral infrastructure was used in the PRC to prevent protest

China authorities with the help of infrastructure to track the distribution of coronavirus tore off the protest of bank depositors, setting them red code in the health application.

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