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Liquid, Japanese Bitcoin-Birzha Bitcoin-Birzha, stopped trading operations five days after suspension of withdrawal.

Japanese Bitcoin-Birzha Liquid suspended the withdrawal of funds

Liquid, Japanese Bitcoin-Birzha Bitcoin-Birzha, has suspended the withdrawal of funds in cryptoactives and fiat currencies.

The Japanese regulator ordered the local FTX branch to suspend operations

The Japanese financial services agency ordered the local FTX exchange unit to suspend operations and go to CLOSE-ALY (users will be able to close their positions, but new ones cannot be opened).

In Japan, they will test payment cards for CBDC

The largest payment system of Japan Japan in cooperation with IDEMIA and SoftSpace will test the possibility of applying existing credit cards infrastructure for CBDC.

Japan will simplify the listing rules for bitcoin-birzh

The Japanese Association of Virtual Monetary Exchange (JVCEA) plans to mitigate the rules regarding digital assets listing for authorized trading platforms. This was written by Bloomberg with reference to the corresponding document.

Media: Japan will tighten the regulation of crypto industry

On October 14, the Japanese authorities decided to amend six laws on foreign currency as part of counteracting money laundering. This is reported by the local publication Coinpost.

The Prime Minister of Japan has announced state investigations to metavselnaya and NFT

The Japanese government will allocate financing for promotion of Web3 services, including metavselny and NFT. This shines from the performance of the prime minister of the country Fumio Kisida before the National Assembly.

Media: Japan will tighten the fight against money laundering through cryptocurrencies

The Japanese government will introduce new rules that tighten the fight against laundering illegally received funds using digital assets. This is written by Nikkei.

Bloomberg learned about Binance plans to return to Japan

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has applied for a license in Japan four years after refusing to open the headquarters in the country. This is written by Bloomberg with reference to sources.

The authorities of Japan released NFT for bonus officials

The Government of Japan has issued incompetent tokens (NFT) as a reward of local officials who have succeeded in using digital technologies. This is reported by local media.

The authorities of Japan will consider tax business for cryptostarts

FSA and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan are considering a proposal for tax reform for 2023. Among the options are the release of cryptostarts that produce their own tokens from taxes for unrealized profits.

Media: SBI Crypto broke off cooperation with Bitriver

SBI Holdings, the Maternity Company Miner SBI CRYPTO, stopped cooperation with the Russian operator of the Bitriver Data Centers, which is under US sanctions.

Tokyo University will launch courses in the metavselnaya

The Faculty of Engineering University will offer a number of curricula in virtual worlds at the end of 2022.

The United States called on Japan to stop cryptocurrency operations in Russia

American diplomats called on Japan to strengthen pressure on the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges and miners to force them to break off ties with Russia.

In Japan, they adopted a law on stablcoins

The Japanese parliament adopted a bill that recognized stablecoins with digital money. This is written by Bloomberg.

Media: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust will launch a caste -dedicated service for cryptocurrencies

Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust with an asset worth $ 664 billion will create a subsidiary that will offer cryptocurrency storage services to institutional investors. This is reported by Nikkei Asia.

Russia was banned from working with Japanese bitcoin companies due to sanctions

The lower house of the Japanese parliament approved the amendments to the legislation that tighten economic sanctions against Russia.

Japan will revise the legislation to combat the evasion of the Russian Federation from sanctions through cryptocurrencies

The authorities of Japan will reconsider the currency legislation to prevent the evasion of Russia from sanctions through digital assets. This was stated in the government of the country.

Japan will present a white list of cryptocurrencies for local exchanges

By the end of March, the Japanese Association of Virtual Monetary Exchange (JVCEA) will publish a list of 18 cryptocurrencies that local platforms can add to the listing without prior verification. This is written by Nikkei.

Coincheck Bitcoin-Birzha will go to NASDAQ via Spac

The Coincheck Japanese cryptocurrency exchange reported plans to get the NASDAQ listing in the second quarter by a $ 1.25 billion Spac Drying with Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV (Thcp).

The authorities of Japan have obliged local crypto companies to observe sanctions against Russia

Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges were banned to process transactions with assets that fall under sanctions against Russia and Belarus. Such a prescription directed them the government and FSA, writes Reuters.

Media: Japan will close Russia with the possibility of bypassing sanctions through cryptocurrencies

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the industry self -regulatory organization study methods of blocking cryptocurrency transactions of sanctions from Russia. This is reported by The Japan Times with reference to its own source.

Japanese financial giant MUFG in 2023 will release stablecoin

The MUFG MUFG Bank Mitsubishi Ufj Trust and Banking, which is included in Japan, announced the launch of stablecoin in 2023 with a binding to Japanese yen. This is written by Nikkei.

Bloomberg: In Japan, we thought about softening the Listing Rules for Bitcoin-Tirzh

The Japanese Association of Virtual Monetary Exchange (JVCEA) is considering the opportunity to facilitate the listing of new assets. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to informed sources.

Ex-representative of the Japanese Bank saw risks in the launch of digital yen

BDC can threaten financial stability and have catastrophic consequences for the economy. This was stated by the ex-head of the study of digital yen at Japan Bank Hiromi Yamaoka, writes The Japan Times.

The Bank of Japan will decide to launch CBDC by 2026

The head of the Central Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kurod during the meeting of the parliament said that the regulator had not yet decided to launch digital yen.

Media: In Japan, they offered to limit the emission of stablecoins

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) proposed to provide limits and limit the list of issuers of stablecoins by banks and money transfer services. About this with reference to sources writes Nikkei.

Circle will launch stablecoin in Japanese yen

One of the operators of the USDC stabilcoin announced the launch of stablecoin with a binding to the Japanese yen through the Circle Ventures venture unit. As part of the expansion of the presence of Asia countries, the company will also open an office in Singapore, writes Bloomberg.

Media: Chinese investors used cryptocurrency to buy real estate in Japan

Tokyo’s tax service found that Chinese investors purchased real estate in Japan by ¥ 27 billion ($ 237 million) using a cryptocurrency to circumvent restrictions. About this writes The Asahi Shimbun with reference to sources.

Japan’s bank doubted the non -alternative CBDC

The Central Bank of Japan will continue to study the possibility of releasing CBDC, but does not consider it as a non -alternative option for solving the problems of digitalization of payments. This was stated by the managing director of Sinici Utida.

In Japan, Cardano investors were convicted of taxes for $ 6 million

The residents of Japan did not pay about 1.4 billion yen (~ $ 12.6 million) to the treasury, and half the amount is calculated on Cardano (ADA). Such results were obtained during the audit, writes Nikkei.

Media: In Japan, we thought about toughening the regulation of cryptocurrencies

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has begun discussing more stringent rules regarding digital assets in order to protect investors, writes Jiji Press.

Coinbase will launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan

Coinbase Bitcoin Torge announced the Japanese market in partnership with the financial giant Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group (MUFG).

Media: Japan’s financial regulator created a cryptocurrency supervision unit

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) created a unit for the supervision of regulation of digital assets, and in the Ministry of Finance they allowed the staff expanding by employees specializing in cryptocurrencies. This is reported by Reuters with reference to unnamed officials.

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