crypto News Results of the week: the Aptos team launched the main network, and Kraken blocked users from the Russian Federation

Results of the week: the Aptos team launched the main network, and Kraken blocked users from the Russian Federation

Results of the week: the Aptos team launched the main network, and Kraken blocked users from the Russian Federation

The APTOS team launched the main network of the project – the APT Native Token was filled on leading platforms, the Kraken exchange followed the eighth package of EU sanctions, Ripple received documents regarding the criteria for evaluating cryptocurrencies as securities and other events of the outgoing week.

Bitcoin quotes tested a level below $ 19,000

The first cryptocurrency opened a week with growth – on Monday, the quotes rose above the $ 19,600 mark. However, on Friday, October 21, the price dropped below $ 19,000.

At the time of writing, bitcoin is traded near $ 19 180.

Digital assets from the TOP-10 on market capitalization closed a week with varying success. The best dynamics was shown by Ethereum (+3%) and Dogecoin (+1.3%). Outsiders became XRP (-5.4%) and Solana (-5.1%).

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounted to $ 959.63 billion. Bitcoin dominance index remained the same – 38.4%.

Sanctions against the Russian Federation intensified

Kraken’s cryptocurrency exchange forbade users from the Russian Federation to register accounts, and also limited the accounts “based in Russia”. The company clarified that “complies with legislative and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions of presence”. Measures are introduced against the background of the eighth package of European Union sanctions.

Dapper Labs -oriented project said that it will allow users from Russia to withdraw collectible tokens, but subject to a number of conditions.

The company explained that October 7 introduced restrictions for citizens of the Russian Federation in response to the directive of USDC co -samiter, Circle. The latter is the DAPPER partner for the processing of payments and storage of assets.

APTOS developers announced the launch of the main network network

On October 17, the Aptos Labs team announced the launch of the main. The protocol uses the Move programming language developed in META for a closed Diem project. The network is positioned as another competitor Ethereum.

Leading platforms immediately listed the Native APT token. However, the community was concerned about low throughput and tokenomics of the project, or rather, the centralization of assets among investors through private tokensils.

The next day, the project team revealed the details of tokensomics. At the same time, among the early testers, the AIPT AIRDROP conducted the network. The APTOS ecosystem has acquired new partnerships-Layerzero Labs announced the launch of the Aptos Bridge cross-bridge, and Dex Pancakeswap issued a proposal for the deployment of the protocol in the new blockchain.

The European Commission warned of a possible suspension of mining in the EU

The European Commission said that the EU member states should prepare for the suspension of cryptocurrency mining, “if there is a need to drop the load in electrical systems”. EC also proposed creating a rating system for cryptocurrencies in the context of the impact of their environment.

MasterCard will provide banks with tools for accessing cryptocurrencies

MasterCard payment giant in partnership with PaxOS will become an intermediary for traditional financial institutions in launching cryptocurrency trade. MasterCard will provide the necessary level of security and compliance with regulatory requirements (Aml/KYC). Product tests are scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Ripple received court documents from SEC. XRP developers will launch an EVM-compatible sides

Ripple received internal documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the speech of the ex-director of the corporate finance department of the regulator William Hinman. They must shed light on assets evaluating criteria and bring the company closer to victory in the proceedings.

Also this week, XRP Ledger developers began testing the EVM compatible sidechene designed to expand the functionality of the network of Ethereum smart contracts and make available Defi applications.

So far, you can interact with the sidechandal only in the experimental network Devnet. The launch of the decision in the mainnet is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

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FTX US was suspected of violating securities laws

The financial regulator and the general prosecutor Texas intend to prevent the purchase of a bankrupt lender of Voyager Digital by the purchase of FTX US. The company and its head of Sam Bankman-Fried are suspected of violating the laws on securities.

The regulator is interested in exchange products accruing interest on a deposit, which “have signs of an investment contract”. Similar services were offered by Voyager.

This week also became known that FTX US offered to return 72% of frozen funds to customers of the company.

The Metamask team introduced SDK to integrate the wallet with Dapps

The Metamask team introduced the beta version of the SDK, designed to simplify the integration of decentralized applications with a non-codial wallet. At the first stage, the set of tools supports JavaScript programming language, including React library and REACT NATIVE cross -platform framework.

Sam Bankman-Fried spoke about his vision of the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry

The head of FTX considers the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry inevitable. One of the most important provisions, he called the compliance with the sanctions regime and the formation of a “reliable list of addresses”, controlled by a centralized regulator like OFAC.

He also added that FTX US intends to use the father -in -law of Haui for the assets to be subject to leaflet for conformity to securities. Ideally, according to Bankman-Frida, the Krpippelovaya industry should be the place where recognition of a security is not something bad.

German cryptobank Nuri will stop activities in November. Nubank and N26 announced new initiatives

Nuri (previously Bitwala) with a focus on cryptocurrencies, based in Germany, will begin to liquidate after an unsuccessful attempt to attract funding. 500 thousand customers used to withdraw funds to be withdrawn funds until December 18.

In the first half of 2023, the largest neobank of Brazil – Nubank – in partnership with Polygon will launch its own digital currency Nucoin. Initiative is a new way to expand the loyalty program. Token will be distributed for free among 70 million customers, it will provide discounts on company products and other privileges.

German neobank N26 in the coming months will add to the application the possibility of trade about 200 digital assets. The company will take advantage of the decision of the Austrian crypto -tank Bitpanda under its own brand.

NFT Marketplace Magic Eden canceled mandatory royalties

The largest NFT platform based on SOLANA-Magic Eden-announced the transition to the optional model of the royalties, following the set x2y2 trend. Now users will independently determine the amount of deductions to the authors of the collections when selling non -replaceable tokens.

At the same time, Magic Eden also announced a hackathon to develop alternative tools for monetizing a project with a prize pool of up to $ 1 million.

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