crypto News Google taught the robot to program herself

Google taught the robot to program herself

Google taught the robot to program herself

Google researchers have developed an algorithm that can write its own software code for robots based on natural instructions.

Language model Code as Policies (CAP), based on Palm, is designed to interpret the instructions in natural language and turning them into code, which can execute the robot.

Researchers trained the algorithm, providing him with examples in the format of comments from programmers and related code. Thanks to this, CAP was able to receive new instructions.

“The model autonomously generates the code that crosses the API calls, synthesizes the functions and expresses feedback cycles to create new behavior during execution,” the developers said.

To make CAP write a new code for specific tasks, the team provided him with “hints” like the availability of API or tools, as well as several paired examples of instructions. Thanks to this, the model can create programs for the robot.

According to the developers, CAP can recursively determine new functions, accumulate its own libraries and independently create a dynamic code base.

“Having received one set of instructions once, it can develop some code, which can then be reassigned for similar instructions later,” they added.

CAP can use arithmetic operations and the logic of certain languages. For example, a model trained on Python, if necessary, uses the appropriate cycles IF/Else and For/While. It can also use third -party libraries for additional functionality.

Engineers noted that the capabilities of CAP are still very limited. It relies on the language model to provide the context for its instructions. If the tips do not make sense, CAP will not be able to write a code.

Also, the model cannot work with dozens of parameters at the same time.

Recall that in June 2021 GitHub presented a tool for auto -filling Copilot code based on AI. Language model for the tool was developed by Openai.

In October 2022, programmers announced their intention to sue Microsoft for training in artificial intelligence using their code.

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