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B2BROKER integrated the tools of the developer of fintech tools.

Iris Energy mining company disconnected part of the equipment

Iris Energy mining company disconnected most of the devices after notification of the default, which was received by its two units. This is stated in the statement for the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Bank of England indicated the risks of the Defi sector

Decentralized protocols do not yet provide an effective way to manage risk. This was stated by Deputy Manager of England John Canliff.

Poloniex reduced futures trade commissions

Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange has reduced the commission for marginal trade in unlimited futures contracts in Tether (USDT).

Zipmex asked to extend the moratorium on protection against creditors

The Thai cryptocurrency exchange of Zipmex has submitted to the Singapore court a petition for protection against creditors until April 2, 2023.

GRAYSCALE GBTC discount reached a record 42%

On November 17, a decrease in bitcoin traffic quotes (GBTC) from Grayscale Investments relative to NAV reached 42.69%. This is evidenced by YCHARTS data.

Gambling, “authorities” and herds: what psychological traps await traders

Forklog figured out how to not get into one of the psychological traps, recognize destructive behavior and protect himself from rash acts.

Paradigm regretted investment in FTX

Paradigm “deeply regrets” about investments in the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, said co -founder and managing partner of the investment company Matt Juan.

The FTX branch on Bagams requested bankruptcy protection in the United States

FTX Digital Markets (FDM), based on Bagama, a subsidiary of FTX, filed a statement to the Court of the Southern District of New York in accordance with Chapter 15 of the United States Code of Bankruptcy. This is written by Bloomberg.

Tim Draper did not refuse to forecast the growth in bitcoin price to $ 250,000

The price of bitcoin will reach $ 250,000 by the beginning of 2023, despite the crisis caused by the collapse of FTX. This was stated by a venture investor and billionaire Tim Draper in an interview with Cointelegraph.

Abu-Dabi regulator allowed Binance to provide casteinal services

FSRA issued Binance Binance Binance permission to work as a Castodian for institutional customers.

Australia’s regulator has suspended the License of the local FTX branch

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has suspended the license to provide financial services issued by the local Bitcoin tour of FTX. This is stated in the press release.

US banks will test the concept of blockchain platforms for a digital dollar

A group of banking institutions announced the launch of the pilot project of the blockchain platform of digital money called the regulated liability network (RLN). This is stated in the press release.

Japanese Bitcoin-Birzha Liquid suspended the withdrawal of funds

Liquid, Japanese Bitcoin-Birzha Bitcoin-Birzha, has suspended the withdrawal of funds in cryptoactives and fiat currencies.

Janet Yellen: FTX Krah showed the “weaknesses” of the crypto industry

The FTX incident showed that the cryptocurrency industry needs “very careful regulation”. This opinion was expressed by US Finance Minister Janet Yellen, writes Bloomberg.

US authorities demanded that Paxos freeze assets bred from FTX

PAXOS has received an indication of US federal law enforcement agencies to freeze assets associated with four Ethereum addresses.

Binance will launch a fund to restore industry

Binance cryptocurrency exchange will launch the fund in order to reduce the “cascading negative impact” of the FTX collapse on the industry. This was stated by CEO of Chanpen Zhao.

Bitget has launched a service for automatic trading “Strategies Market”

The Bitget crypto officer has opened the Strategies Market section, which allows users to copy the trading strategies of other traders and share their own.

Chanpen Zhao warned of a “cascading” crisis in the crypto industry

The current situation in the cryptocurrency industry is echoing with the financial crisis of 2008, and in the coming weeks even more companies may crash. This opinion was expressed by CEO Binance Chanpeng Zhao, writes Financial Times.

Cryptocurrency Platform B2C2 introduced the new CEO

Philip Gillespi left the chair of the general director of Office (OTC) B2C2 platform. His place was taken by Nikola White.

Vauld has achieved the extension of temporary protection against creditors

The Vauld cryptolending platform has achieved a moratorium extension on the proceedings until January 20, 2023. About this writes The Block.

What is an automatic market maker?

What is an automatic market maker (AMM) and how it works? How liquidity pools are connected with it? What are the shortcomings of AMM? Explain in new cards.

FTX Group has submitted bankruptcy proceedings. Sam Bankman-Fried resigned

FTX Group has submitted an insolvency application in accordance with Chapter 11 of the US Code of Bankruptcy. Sam Bankman-Fried left the post of CEO.

Cyprus regulator suspended FTX license

CySEC financial regulator intends to suspend the license of the European unit of the FTX crypto -tank. This is written by Bloomberg.

Justin San announced his readiness to provide FTX “billionthing”

The founder of Tron Foundation Justin San in a conversation with Bloomberg journalist Tom Mackenzie said that he was ready to provide “billionth care” of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

FTX lost the Future Fund command and the head of the institutional sales department

The FTX institutional sales department did not know anything about the potential insolvency of the cryptocurrency exchange during the current week. This was stated by the head of the team Zane Takkett, reports The Block with reference to his letter to customers.

The Japanese regulator ordered the local FTX branch to suspend operations

The Japanese financial services agency ordered the local FTX exchange unit to suspend operations and go to CLOSE-ALY (users will be able to close their positions, but new ones cannot be opened).

Coinbase reduced more than 60 jobs

Coinbase American Bitcoin Torge fired more than 60 employees, continuing to optimize the staff against the backdrop of a decline in the market. Coindesk writes about this The largest ETH with reference to the company representative.

High Speed, Low Cost: Applications for the real world on the Velas blockchain

What will be Dapps of the future? We deal with the developers of Velas-EVM blockchain at a speed of 50,000 TPS and the time of creating a block of 0.4 seconds.

Evescale launched a hacaton with a prize fund $ 43,000

The EVERSCALE community, together with Broxus, Ylide and Qamon, has launched Hakaton Everscale Elysium. Its participants are offered to create a project in the fields of GameFi, Web3-Messaging or Defi. Solo developers can join one of the teams or choose a simpler task.

Crypto industry participants distant from FTX and ALAMEDA Research

Several large crypto industry participants have stated the absence of close relationships with Sam Bankman-Frida FTX and Alameda Research. According to representatives of a number of companies, the current crisis will not affect their activities.

Opinion: The Mica bill will simplify the work of crypto companies in Europe

The Mica cryptocurrency regulation bill will benefit small companies related to digital assets. This opinion in an interview with Cointelegraph was expressed by the executive vice president of the European Binance division Martin Brunko.

Coin Metrics called the possible cause of FTX crisis

In the second quarter of 2022, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange could provide “major financial assistance” by Alameda Research, which ultimately led to serious consequences. This conclusion was reached by the head of the department R&D in Coin Metrics Lucas NUCSI.

Brian Armstrong eliminated the influence of the FTX crisis on Coinbase

Coinbase is not affected by the crisis in which the FTX platform was, and nothing threatens its users. This was stated by CEO of the American Bitcoin-Birzhi Brian Armstrong.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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