crypto News EVERSCALE was introduced into a crypto-core with an aml module: we explain why this is important

EVERSCALE was introduced into a crypto-core with an aml module: we explain why this is important

EVERSCALE was introduced into a crypto-core with an aml module: we explain why this is important

Amlsafe cryptochene integrated the Everscale network into its application. This happened as part of the grant, which the startup received from Evescale Defi Alliance in December 2021. Now the wallet users can store, receive and transmit Ever cryptocurrency.

As stated in the amlsafe blog, this is only the first stage of cooperation. Soon, representatives of the project will hold an Ama session in which they will talk about further steps.

In addition to storing and translating cryptocurrencies, they can also be purchased inside the wallet, paying from the card, or exchangeing them together. In addition to Evescale, Amlsafe supports operations with more than 50 most popular cryptocurrencies. The application can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store .

Features of Amlsafe

The key difference of Amlsafe and the classic non-kastodial cryptocurrency-in the presence of a built-in aml module. This is a “killer-fiche” for business, institutional investors and all those who are important to comply with legislation in transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, there are frequent cases of cryptocurrency for criminal activity. In this case, special services come to the rescue, which can check the “cleanliness” of cryptocurrency and track the source of the origin of the funds. They allow you to determine the cryptocurrency that was stolen or received in any other illegal way.

It is this function that is performed by the Aml Module in Amlsafe. It allows you to conduct preliminary checks of the addresses of counterparties before sending funds. Amlsafe has its own address of addresses, as well as integration with specialized services. Based on the results of the audit conducted at the request of the User, the address receives a certain level of risk. The cost of one check is from $ 0.3 to $ 3, depending on the chosen tariff.

Aml-module is the best suited to any legal entities who accept cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services and should report in detail about their income to state bodies. And this will suit individual users if they want to be sure that no legal difficulties will arise with their cryptocurrency.

If there is a risk of “dirty” cryptocurrency, then its outgoing translation can simply reject crypto services, such as centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This will be an unpleasant surprise for the holder of coins and threatens further difficulties.

Thus, the addition of Ever to Amlsafe will attract more regulated organizations and large investors to the Evescale ecosystem.

Not only aml checks

Another unique amlsafe function is the ability to create several wallets isolated from each other for the same cryptoactivity. This can be useful to separate the cryptocurrency that has already passed the AML process, from new incoming transactions.

Earlier we said that in Switzerland we opened Evescale Foundation for the development of the ecosystem, and in the Philippines the leading money transfers service was introduced by Evescale for transactions.

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