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The bankrupt Celsius platform could not establish sufficient records and operational control for handling clients. This was stated by an independent expert Nod Pillai.

Compute North sold $ 5 million to the former creditor

Generate Capital bought two dates of infrastructural solutions for cloud mining Compute North. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 5 million, writes The Block.

The court approved the schedule for the sale of Celsius Network assets

The federal judge for bankruptcy cases approved the plan of the Celsius Network Assets Procedure. Auctions can be completed before the end of the year.

German cryptobank Nuri will stop activities in November

Nuri (previously Bitwala) with a focus on cryptocurrencies, based in Germany, will begin to liquidate after an unsuccessful attempt to attract funding.

FTX won the Voyager Digital sale auction

The FTX US Cryptocurrency Exchange has won the auction for the sale of assets of the bankrupt lender Voyager Digital, offering about $ 1.4 billion.

Compute North has submitted bankruptcy proceedings

Mining company and infrastructure provider for cloud mining Compute North has submitted bankruptcy proceedings. Its obligations to 200 counterparties are estimated at $ 500 million, and assets in the range from $ 100 million to $ 500 million.

Media: FTX offered the largest amount for the purchase of Voyager Digital

At the past auction for the sale of assets of a bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Voyager Digital, the FTX exchange made the most profitable proposal.

The court allowed Voyager to pay employees $ 1.6 million “holding bonuses”

The Voyager Digital cryptobele can pay more than 30 employees with a total of $ 1.6 million in the form of premiums to withhold staff, the bankruptcy court ruled. This is reported by Coindesk.

German cryptobank Nuri announced insolvency

The Nuri Fintech-Startap (previously Bitwala) with a focus on cryptocurrencies filed an application with a bankruptcy court. More than 500 thousand customers used his services. NURI FILED For Insolvens on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. This does not affert OUR Services, Customer Funds Or Investments. You can find a comple Statement of this Sitation on the Nuri […]

Babel Finance lost $ 280 million in customer trading

Babel Finance Crypt financial services supplier received a loss of over $ 280 million as a result of unsuccessful trading decisions with client funds. Calculations are given in a proposal for restructuring, writes The Block.

Media: Babel Finance hired a legal partner of Celsius and Voyager for restructuring

One of the largest cryptocreators in Asia Babel Finance attracted Kirkland Law Firm & Ellis for restructuring consultations, Bloomberg reports with reference to its own sources.

Celsius has submitted a bankruptcy statement

Celsius Network cryptolending platform and some of its subsidiaries filed a bankruptcy petition to the New York court.

Voyager Digital has submitted bankruptcy proceedings

On Tuesday, July 5, the Voyager Digital cryptocurrency broker filed a bankruptcy petition to the New York court.

Three Arrows Capital requested bankruptcy protection in the United States

The Head Fund Three Arrows Capital (3ac) filed a bankruptcy petition to the New York court.

The lawyer demanded an annul in the annual financial statements of Wirecard

The administrator in the insolvency case of the Wirecard financial company Michael Jaffa appealed to the court demanding that the company’s financial statements be invalidated for 2017 and 2018. It is reported by Handelsblatt.

The court in the United States refused creditors to freeze Cred assets

The court of bankruptcy cases of the Delaware Okrug rejected the emergency petition of users of the Cred cryptocurrency lending platform. They demanded to freeze her assets on exchanges, writes Cointelegraph.

Cred cryptocreditation platform has announced bankruptcy

The Visa ecosystem of cryptocurred Creds joined the bankruptcy procedure after the revealed fraud. The company submitted documents in the state of Delaware on Saturday, November 7.

Wirecard will fire more than half of the employees of the German office against the background of the start of the bankruptcy process

Wirecard payment issuer will reduce 730 out of 1300 employees of the German office against the backdrop of a neglected bankruptcy trial, writes Bloomberg.

The organizer of the crypto investment company was declared bankrupt after fleeing from investors

The organizer and CEO of the cryptocurrency investment company Vaultage Solutions Willy Bridt, hidden from deceived investors, was found by the police and declared bankrupt. This is reported by News24.

Wirecard filed a bankruptcy application

The wirecard payment issuer decided to go through bankruptcy proceedings after Ernst auditor & Young (EY) failed to confirm the presence of € 1.9 billion on the company’s accounts ($ 2.1 billion).

17 thousand clients of the bankrupt bitcoin-foreign-Biri Quadrigacx submitted applications for a return of funds

16,959 customers of the liquidated cryptocurrency exchange of QuadrigacX submitted a request to its trusting manager, Ernst & Young, to the return of funds left in the accounts, the estimate of which varies from $ 166.5 million to $ 307 million.

Liquidation is canceled: Factom blockchain startup will continue to work … with two employees

Factom external management, which was previously announced by the largest investor of the company FastForward, is supposedly canceled: two key representatives of the Texas blockchain startup intend to continue work by reducing the rest of the state.

The Factom project announced the start of liquidation after an unsuccessful attempt to attract funding

The famous blockchain startup Factom, which was one of the first to conduct tokensil, announced the beginning of the procedure for its own liquidation, reports Coindesk.

Ernst & Young will transfer to tax authorities user Bitcoin-Birgia Bitcoin-Biriga

Ernst company & Young, approved by the court as a trusting bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange of Quadriga, received a request for Canada’s tax department (CRA) to provide information on 115 thousand customers.

The Fcoin Exchange owes up to 13,000 BTS will return to work

Previously stopping work due to insolvency, the Fcoin cryptocurrency exchange announced plans to resume activities and intention to fully pay off customers.

The Fcoin exchange has found a shortage of bitcoins by $ 125 million and stopped working

Fcoin cryptocurrency exchange, which used the contradictory business model of “transaction mining”, suspended the auction and withdrawal of funds after detecting a deficit of digital assets worth up to $ 125 million.

More than 1 million borrowers in the Russian Federation can call themselves bankrupt, but investment in bitcoin will not save them

As of November 1, 1.031 million Russian borrowers could potentially announce bankruptcy. This is evidenced by the report of the National Bureau of Credit History (NBBA).

Media: 97% of the cryptocurrency exchanges of South Korea are on the verge of bankruptcy

Low trade volumes jeopardize the further existence of the vast majority of South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges, and also force local startups to look for the possibilities of listing their coins on foreign sites, says Business Korea.

Grant Thornton has begun assessing the losses of Bitcoin-Torzhi Cryptopia

Grant Thornton, engaged in the liquidation of Cryptopia, has announced the beginning of the process of assessing the losses of customers of a hacked exchange.

Cryptopia’s bitcoin-exchanges found debts to creditors

The liquidator of the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia company Grant Thornton said that the site has outstands to creditors of $ 2.738 million. Among creditors are companies such as Dell NZ and Coca Cola Amatil.

Parental company Bitcoin-Birzhi Cobinhood announced bankruptcy

Cobbingham Digital Finance Co. Ltd., The Cobinhood Cryptocurrency Exchange company has announced bankruptcy and liquidation. This is written by the portal Cryptoslate.

QUAGACX Bitcoin Exchange will begin bankruptcy proceedings

The Supreme Court of the Canadian Province of New Scotland represented by Judge Michael Wood ordered the cryptocurrency exchange of Quadrigacx to begin bankruptcy proceedings in the coming days. Wood, based on the data of the ERNST auditor&Young, emphasized that the restoration and restructuring of business are unlikely, reports Coindesk.

The supported CITI and Deloitte Finteh Startap unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy

The British fintech startup SETL, which develops infrastructure blockchain solutions for settlements, filed for bankruptcy, reports The Gazette.

Coinbin Bitcoin Torge Coinbin went bankrupt due to embezzlement by an employee of $ 26 million

South Korean crypto -tank Coinbin (in the past – Youbit) announced bankruptcy after finding a shortage of 29.3 billion won, reports CCN.

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